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Hi. I'm Dana.

Hi, I'm Dana. My mom would describe me as her hippy-dippy (beautiful) daughter. I love yoga, art, animals, making mayonnaise and picking up new creative outlets. Recently I parted ways with my stable, promising career in corporate America to create a life that I could sustain. And honestly, I wouldn't have made this jump if my Mom was still here. It was a "forced" caterpillar/cocoon time in my life where I had to tune into my inner voice and take some leaps.

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My Mom passed away on January 4th, 2019 from lung cancer. She fought for nine grueling months..and those months transformed me into who I am right now. I feel like I am working through PTSD from cancer-land. I tell my husband, I feel like I went through a war. Cancer is a f*cking beast, being a caretaker is hard and shoot.. "life is hard". So here is my story. And if this act of writing it all down, helps someone else feel less alone or inspires strength, then my work here is purposeful.

Kate, Mom and me the day before my wedding 10/19/19

So here we are. Let's begin.

Truth is, I never really considered writing a blog until recently. I've been waking up in the middle of the night with this dialogue running in my head of things I want to say. We all live in our own world with our own struggles and stories- and I think when we share, it creates that unity. We are not alone.

Peaking in to my story today, there is my sister Kate, my husband Rob, a tribe of amazing friends, four cats (don't judge) and a house in a cul-de-sac. Life is good. We are just going through grief and grief is a story in itself.

My Gladiator, Rob.

My family is learning so much this year. Besides grief, Rob and I are "learning" how to be married, Kate is learning how to have roommates, I am learning to run a business (A Space For Kate), and we are all learning that life is just tough stuff ...but in this process, we are also learning how to create our happiness.

--- ---

Today is Sunday. A day that the family has dedicated to "do what makes you happy". For Kate that means cleaning her bathroom, watching anime and hanging out with the family. Rob is making pickles and playing on the grill. Me- yoga and a shower that includes shaving my legs...life is good.

Our buddy Jack will come over for dinner tonight; our new Sunday ritual. We are learning to create new patterns in an effort to find more happy and honor self care.

Happy Sunday to all of you. What are you doing for self care? Does your family have any rituals during the week that just make you feel good?

Until next time...

Peace and love-

Dana Sayre~

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