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What's Up: Life Lately

Tuesday- a day in the life. I am currently working on a few logos and in great company with Leo, the lion.

I especially love that Leo keeps me company in whatever room I'm settled in. And please don't comment on Leo's weight, he's just "big furred" as my husband would say- ha!

What's new?

Well, I took a trip to Sephora last week to use up a gift card. The Sephora at SouthPark Mall has been renovated. The layout feels wider and the lighting brighter. I felt a little lost looking for some of my regular things but the staff is always super friendly to help guide. I did discover two brands (new to me) and I am in love.

Natasha Denona-

Man! I didn't want to love her, but I do! Her eyeshadows are pigmented and bright with very little fallout. The pallets are a little pricey, but this $25 nude pallet was perfect for testing. Anyone else love this brand? I'd love to know what some of your favorites are.

Moving on..

Kaja Moon Crystal

What it is: A weightless, jelly eyeshadow enhanced with real crystal powders for a vivid, shimmering finish.

Have you ever had the Sephora experience where another stranger is sampling the same eyeshadow you are and you both fall in love with it at the same time? And you secretly thinking, "I could be friends with that girl because we both chose the same eyeshadow?" Yes?

Lol- That was my experience. I walked past the Kaja eyeshadow a few times before swatching on my hand. Then, female stranger (let's call her Sally), saw the swatch on my hand and immediately tried on hers. Seeing it on someone else helped me realize how amazing the shadows are. STUNNING and pigmented- these gel eyeshadows are changing the sparkle game. It's a mature sparkle. Check it out and share feedback! I bought the Soft Lavender shade also.

Date night!

I love date night with the hubs! Saturday we met friends for Octoberfest at the Waldhorn Restaurant in Pineville. It was fun to get out and mingle but it's a bunch of lines. A line to get a ticket, a line to get drinks ...another line to get food. I had not really seen Rob all week with our busy schedules so it was nice to catch up in line- ha!

What else?

Swimming. Rob and I have a goal to swim four days this week. Yesterday we swam 2,500 yards and wow was I hungry and tired. I was really proud of us for swimming two days in a row. Today we break. I may go for a long walk since the weather is perfect today for outdoor activities.

Until next time..

Love and peace-

Dana Sayre

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