Moving and breathing just feels good. 

It's a practice. One that I have come to love. Yoga has taught me to breathe through the hardest. I have built a better relationship with my body. I listen, eat better, sleep better- and none of this was forced. It just happened with a steady yoga practice. Send me an email and let me know how we can customize a yoga class, for you.


RYT® 200 From Y2 Yoga, Charlotte NC

Deep Stretch

60 minutes

(Donations Appreciated: Venmo @Dana-Starensier)

60 minutes of pure Self Care. Some describe it, as giving yourself a massage.

Join me as I guide you through slow, thoughtful movement designed to make you feel better, move better and connect with your body. We will start with 10 minutes of vinyasa flow to warm the body before coming to the floor to explore (2-5 minute) holds of each pose.

Perfect for all levels.

Move & Groove

60 minutes

(Donations Appreciated: Venmo @Dana-Starensier)

60 minutes of Flowy Vinyasa Goodness. In the mood to breathe, get a little sweat, stretch it out? I got you!

Join me as I guide you through a flow of postures synced together like a dance. We will start with a warm-up of postures designed to build heat in the body, followed by a series of postures sewn together to work the body in a way that FEELS GOOD!

Perfect for all levels.

Do You Need Deep Stretch?

Do You Need to Move & Groove!?

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May 22th at 5:30pm

60 minutes of deep stretch goodness

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